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Picture of Lindsey McKay

Lindsey McKay

Mach 1 Design did a complete Digital Go-To-Market plan for our firm. Their suggested strategies were spot on! Our web traffic has increased over 500%, we are ranking for over 3500 keywords in Google SERPs and conversions have grown systematically. We are getting more ideal clients through our website and their content marketing strategy is really working. We are ranking on page 1 in almost every search category for our unique value proposition. Five Stars and more!!

Picture of Heath Hyde

Heath Hyde

The website Mach 1 Designed is over the top! Our phone started ringing immediately. Our digital go-to-market plan is our complete marketing playbook for the next 10 years. Mach 1 Design is fast, cost efficient and very convenient to work with. I give them Five Stars!!

Picture of Dr. Larry Wolford

Dr. Larry Wolford

Mach 1 Design took care of everything for us. Our new website is spectacular! The upgraded UX has earned us 3000 more monthly web visitors and we have gained at least 40 new leads per month via email and telephone from our new website. We could not be more pleased with the immediate increase in web traffic and our conversion of new leads to patients. Mach 1 Design is fast, thorough, cost effective and know digital marketing like no other agency we have used. Our experience has definitely exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Mach 1 Design and give them 5 stars plus!

Picture of LazrTek.com


Our new business started ranking immediately with Mach 1 Design’s digital marketing help. They did a complete digital marketing strategy for us and are now executing it. Our website traffic is up 300% and we are getting qualified leads. The website they built is excellent and does a great job of letting our visitors understand who we are and what we do. We definitely give Mach 1 Design 5 stars and our strongest recommendation. They have exceeded our expectations and the results are tremendous.

Picture of Chad Erie

Chad Erie

I opened my business and Mach 1 Design’s digital strategy had me on page 1 of every Google search. I started getting calls from ideal customers immediately. Their digital go-to-market plan is really working and I could not be more pleased with my website traffic and the inbound customer conversions I am receiving. Mach 1 is the best at digital marketing and they are helping me make money. They are fast, responsive and know their business. I Couldn’t give them a stronger positive recommendation. If you want to open your business with customers waiting for your service, hire Mach 1 Design. They are effective, affordable and provide excellent service. I give them five stars and more.

Picture of Dakota Low

Dakota Low

I give Mach 1 Design five stars! They designed and developed a high converting website for me and their content marketing strategy has been over the top. They produced over 30 thought leader content articles for me that I personalized. They are cost efficient and provide great value. Their AI enhanced video has helped me win clients. I highly recommend Mach 1 Design. Very fast, affordable and convenient to work with. Their digital marketing solutions are dynamic and award winning.

Picture of Scott Lidji-The Lidji Law Firm

Scott Lidji-The Lidji Law Firm

Beautiful website! Got it through the state bar quickly. Mach 1 Design is fast, affordable and get us cases through our website. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a quality digital marketing agency. Five stars for sure!

Picture of Daniel Pierce-The Cub Lounge and Grille

Daniel Pierce-The Cub Lounge and Grille

Mach 1 Design gets 5 stars in my book. Their digital go-to-market plan helped me make valuable changes to my business to attract new customers and tell the story of our business. They are fast and affordable and have really opened our eyes to the powerful rewards of great digital marketing. They are helping us improve and make more money. Absolutely 5 Stars!!

Picture of Larry M. Wolford, DMD

Larry M. Wolford, DMD

I can barely come up for air! Wow! Our practice exploded. You’ve done an outstanding job!! 🏆. I can’t thank u enough for pushing us, and for all you’ve done for us. We were difficult, I’m sure, bc of our ignorance about websites. 🙄. But we always had confidence in you! Tried counting the emails. It’s 2-3 emails every day from the website.

Picture of Hindieh Law

Hindieh Law

Attorney Ray Hindieh hired Mach 1 Design to improve the www.214Release.com website and create a Digital-Go-to Market plan including a content marketing strategy and competition analysis. Mach 1 Design finished the project in 6 weeks publishing 36 thought leader articlesin the website pursuant to the content marketing strategy and Digital Go-to-Market plan. In just 2 weeks www.214Release.com was ranking 800 more organic keywords and is growing weekly. Website traffic is up 85% and growing. Mr. Hindieh was so excited he hired Mach 1 Design to design and develop his title company website and digital-go-to market plan. Ray says “Harold is great to work with. He knows his business and I highly recommend him.” Mach 1 Design is fast, cost effective and convenient to work with. Mach 1 Design and Harold are our Digital Marketing partner. They’ve earned it! I received exponential results.

Picture of John Hernandez

John Hernandez

Harold at Mach 1 Design created a digital go-to-market plan for my company. They were able to help us uncover our ideal customer and how to best compete against the older incumbent roofing companies in our region. All their advice was on point and we starting ranking in Google quickly. They designed and developed a new website for us with improved User experience and our webs visitors skyrocketed. We are getting more customers through our website and our business is growing again. Mach 1 Design is easy to work with and all I had to do was approve their work. They created our on-page content and started our blog. I could not be happier with Mach 1 Design’s service and the ROI I am getting in my business on my digital marketing investment. I give Mach 1 Design 5 stars and more. They have helped my business grow and make more money! I highly recommend them.

Picture of Rudy Banda

Rudy Banda

Mach 1 Design and Harold have been excellent to work with. They are knowledgeable, fast, good prices and convenient to collaborate with. They developed a content marketing plan for us and wrote the content that improved our Google rankings by over 2400 keywords in just 5 months. They updated our website and our website visitors increased 271% to over 600 visitors per month. Website user sessions increased 239% to 733 per month. In the last 90 days we have received 145 telephone calls and 51 emails through our website. Before Mach 1 Design helped us, we did get any conversions from our website nor did we rank in Google SERPs. Now we are ranking on page 1 in a lot of organic searches. Mach 1 Design developed a Google ads PPC campaign for us and we have received 18.3k impressions and 206 phone calls (conversions) in just 4 months at cost of only $4,340.00. Many of these calls are becoming new paying clients. We are very happy with our cost of conversion in the highly competitive criminal law market. In fact, we have hired Mach 1 Design to develop digital go-to-market plans and new websites for 2 more of our enterprises. They are helping us get new cases and we are making an excellent ROI. I highly recommend Mach 1 Design-definitely 5-stars

Picture of Jacki Tobar

Jacki Tobar

Harold – here’s a glowing review of our website you created for us! THANK YOU AGAIN for making us a legit title company in our inaugural year!

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