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A private equity investment group retained Mach 1 Website to create a complete Business Model and Digital Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for their national truck wash business vision. The Mach 1 Website team conducted in-depth truck wash market analysis and utilized their findings to develop a formal digital-go-to-market plan with company name, logo, mission statement, unique value proposition, unfair advantage, complete business model and digital Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the business model for what is now known as Lazrtek. The LazrTek investment partners decided to launch the digital Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test if real customers wanted the LazrTek business model and if customers would pay a price for LazrTek services that would make the company sustainable and ultimately scalable.

LazrTek launched its new truck wash business model via a digital MVP in the form of a high-functioning UX superior website. The market research conducted by Mach 1 Website strongly indicated independent truck drivers and and fleet operators were seeking speed, price and convenience in imaging their tractor/trailers and keeping their equipment clean and within state and federal regulations.

The Results 

In just 6 months, the LazrTek website is now ranking in organic Google searches for 656 organic keywords, 83 backlinks and 30 referring domains. ranks on page 1 of Google SERPS for over 27 organic keywords while logging approximately 320 organic users per month up 29% and 540 sessions per month up 8.7% with a very low bounce rate of 55.47% and a very high average session duration of 4.03 minutes. Conversions are climbing weekly. Several significant national customers have requested bids for truck washes and the first of LazrTek’s  commercial wash contracts are currently in bid or being negotiated. LazrTek is now a real company, with real pending customers and has partnered with a proven truck wash operator in the United States to execute on the wash contracts and equipment sales & installs in various locations in the United States.

The digital MVP created for LazrTek has proven the business model and the unique value proposition and mission statement is on point. The next step is confirming sustainability and scalability. LazrTek is learning a tremendous amount from the digital MVP including the sales map, sales cycle, sales cycle time and accepted customer pricing for various wash solutions. LazrTek is actually now a competitor to national truck wash equipment manufacturers and has a growing business.

LazrTek’s total investment to conduct market research, develop its business model and establish itself with a digital MVP and launch via the internet to earn visibility was under $75k. Mach 1 Website took care of all the details and created the entire company from the original name, logo, mission statement and unique value proposition to the digital MVP and launch. LazrTek is a growing success and has minimal equity invested in what initially appears to be an interesting business niche with available opportunity for a  new entrant into the competitive field with a new business model and disruptive value proposition.

Laztek Testimonial 

“Our new business started ranking immediately with Mach 1 Design’s digital marketing help. They did a complete digital marketing strategy for us and are now executing it. Our website traffic is up 300% and we are getting qualified leads. The website they built is excellent and does a great job of letting our visitors understand who we are and what we do. We definitely give Mach 1 Design 5 stars and our strongest recommendation. They have exceeded our expectations and the results are tremendous”.

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